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Precautious Closure of Peak Center due to COVID-19

Hello Peak Center Family,

After much thought and consideration, I have decided that we will be closing the Peak Center for Autism for ALL services effective tomorrow, Sunday, March 22, 2020. We will close with the plan of reopening in two weeks on Monday, April 6, 2020 for ABA therapy (excluding social skills groups, group parent training, and weekend hours). There has been NO known exposures or anyone testing positive of COVID-19 related to the Peak Center for Autism. This is just a precaution. According to Governor Murphy's "Stay at Home" order, we are still able to provide ABA therapy, as we are providing a medically necessary service. I still believe that the risk of our kids regression and lack of progress due to therapy stopping is huge and the benefits of continuing therapy are life altering. With that being said, I do not believe that this two week pause to abide by the "Stay at Home" order will severely impact our kids and families. While this is not ideal by any means, I believe it is appropriate and necessary in order to ensure everyone's health. During these two weeks, please abide by Governor Murphy's "Stay at Home" order. If you are not able to abide by this due to work commitments or by personal choice, please let me know. This will not mean that we cannot provide therapy when we open or in the future, but will allow us to prepare. I will be contacting you again within the next few days to touch base and see what your plans may look like in two weeks. I know the times are changing quickly, sometimes minute by minute, but it is my job to ensure that we are ready to pick up therapy as soon as we are able to. You and your family matter to me. If your insurance allows us to do Telehealth therapy, this will be offered to you. I also have our team working on maintenance programs for your child that you could run at home. This is a great time to see if these skills generalized! The Center is being fully cleaned and sanitized tomorrow and will be closed to everyone for the entire two weeks. If you need something your child has left behind, please arrange it with me immediately. I hope you understand the reason for this precautious closure and know how much you and your family means to not only me, but the entire Peak Center team.

Stay up to date with the facts:

Tatiana Peak, M.A., BCBA

Executive Director and Owner

Peak Center for Autism, LLC

1900 Burlington-Mount Holly Road

Suite 6D

Burlington, NJ 08016

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